jon svazas - Chef & Owner

Jon has spent the last 12 years working in kitchens all over Ottawa including Taylor’s Genuine Food and Wine, Domus Cafe, Farbs, Vittoria Trattoria and the Arc Hotel. Jon is happiest in the kitchen and hanging out with his family. He has spent the last two years on the insane process of opening the restaurant and is happy to be open and cooking for you.

Billy Khoo - Chef de Cuisine & partner

Billy was born in Malaysia and raised in Ottawa. He started his culinary career very young from helping out in the kitchen of his parents restaurant. At a local hotel, he worked his way up from dishwashing to sous chef. He then went on to pursue his passion of fresh and local produce at Taylor's Genuine food and wine bar where he met Jon Svazas and Doug Parsonage. Billy utilizes culinary techniques from his asian background as well as from french training from the hotel. In his few hours off, Billy enjoys film and wine with friends.

Alex McMahon - m.i.a /wine director

Alex was last seen at the Ottawa international airport in late summer boarding a flight to Peru with the goal of finding some of the lost grape varietals of the Incan Empire, possibly the largest empire in the world in the early 16th century.  His destination was the Cuzco / Sacred Valley which is also home to Machu Pichu which some say was constructed for Pachacuti the Inca emperor between 1438 - 1472.  Others (about 7 or 8 people in total) say it was a sacred meeting places used bi-annually during the spring and fall solstice celebrations of the now lost grape varietals used for the wines consumed during sacrificial offerings and but primarily for the Royal Feast of the Sun held at Inti Mach'ay a special cave which was constructed to only allow sunlight into it the cave during several days around the December solstice.  There is definitive evidence that Alex arrived at his destination and completed his trek to Machu Pichu and the sacred cave in late October but soon after contact diminished and within days it had completely gone dark.  The last unofficial siting / unconfirmed contact was in mid to late November when indigenous Peruvians began to speak of a number of gatherings high in the mountains and of epic wines paired with sumptuous alpaca and llamas dishes as well as some fine guinea pig canapes.  In recent weeks the stories have increased but at this time only second and third hand accounts at best have filtered back to us.  Bizarrely the most recent reports also indicate that he is travelling with a larger than average sized flightless rhea, a large ratite native to South America and related to the ostrich and emu which are the number one and number two largest living birds on the planet.  Although missed greatly for about two, two and a half  weeks tops, we at Fauna truly believe that Alex has found what he is or was looking for and if not dead or heavily sedated is mostly likely having the time of his life.  Others say that he is back in Ottawa working at Riviera... but this has yet to be verified either as none of the staff here have had the time to call his cell phone which is apparently still active or venture on the 1.5 to 1.6 kilometre trek due to the harsh conditions, the onset of winter, and the general lack of time or ambition to check.  To Alex we raise a glass of ... something organic and biodynamic... until we meet again.